Beau mirchoff and ashley rickards dating

17-Sep-2017 07:23

While Matty spent the last two seasons afraid to reveal his love for the show's sweet lead Jenna Hamilton, Beau Mirchoff told us how season three will differ from the seasons before: more honesty, more dance moves, and the same amount of shirtless antics. Then when she'd start talking to another guy, I would creepily walk behind her and laugh my way into the conversation…after a while, it wasn't creepy and it became charming, I guess! I make up moves: I do the noodle—you act like your body has no bones in it. And I am going to use it as bragging rights—no, I don't want to say that! ""I was a goofball, and I kept pestering her all night.“Cause I was almost positive it was some UFO alien sh–…

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In my everyday life, I'm so about wearing functional clothes.

It's like, "You and me, we're clear that this is not sexy. But this season, she's wearing skinny jeans and cute boots, really accessible stuff that's very youthful, new millennium. When you first did Awkward, did you see the storm that was coming? When I started the show, frankly, I didn't even think it would get picked up.

And just to make it more clear, I'm going to make this unsexy." It's more of a sibling relationship with them. MTV didn't even do scripted programming at the time, and what I thought I was doing with my career was very different than [Awkward].

Some joked it was Santa, and many went straight to aliens and UFOs.

“Wtf is in the sky…,” Zendaya wrote until she figured out what was going on.

I just know that it's gonna be great as long as I'm doing what I need to do to make the world a better place by inspiring other people.

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