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11-Aug-2017 22:39

Around 67% of married Thai women in New Zealand have European partners compared to just 7% of Thai men. Callister, "the surplus of women aged 30 -39 is greater today than immediately after World War 1". Callister expected to find the difference to be due to New Zealand men marrying abroad and staying there.

Instead he found it to be due to immigration of an excessive number of women, predominantly Asian, and the largest group of which were Thai.

New Zealand men should make sure they know the girl well - and also her family - and are certain that her 'brother' or 'friend' is not a boyfriend or even a husband!

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So, while Thai women are not the only problem, they are the individual group claimed to be contributing most to the problem. Paul Callister of the Labour Department, this situation could be connected to the changing labour needs of the country.

The only problem that this appears to cause with some husbands is that that also extends to her own family in Thailand, which she and the husband might be expected to look after financially.

This is not the always the case, however, and the infamous Thai 'sin sod', or dowry, is frequently symbolic only.

It is believed to be practically entirely due to an influx of Asian women, predominantly Thai women, into the country.

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Perhaps this should not be surprising, since most Thai women have a lot to offer New Zealand men, particularly their commitment and devotion to their husband and family.It is often returned to the couple in whole or in part after the marriage ceremony.

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