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Microblog sites are great for niche bloggers and artists who want to offer visual content without the hassle of maintaining a full site. As I mentioned, blogging also allows a writer to be stealthier in delivering the word on the street before it lands everywhere else; niche writing can quickly earn an extensive following.

With so many art blogs serving up the next big thing, is keeping up with the latest and greatest the only way to go? While they can address the past, Bruneau suggests blogs are more suited to rapid response: "That's the best use of the internet - getting there before the big publications, institutions, etc. Those who recognize big transitions and carry these observations into their blogs do well as art critics. When asked what the difference is between a column and a blog, answers varied.

Benjamin Bruneau recently wrote about them in , an article for C Magazine, Issue 113. A strong critical voice is key to a successful and well respected art blog. A good blogger creates a clear understanding for the reader what the blog is about and delivers this sort of content consistently. How many kinds of art blogs are there and how do they differ from their offline counterparts like magazine articles and newspaper columns?

For keeping up with what's really new, his two biggest go-tos are Contemporary Art Daily and I Like This Art, although he also follows a horde of art microblog sites such as those on Tumblr including Banana Leaves, Voodoo Voodoo, 3000km, art-documents, very large buildings, and future mountains. John Shilling adds, "A blog reader or visitor needs to know what to expect if they are going to return, but they should also be entertained, inspired, or informed by the content when they visit." Kate Wilson sums it up best in saying, "A good arts blog is part information, part critique, with a little bit of controversy thrown in." With 70% of journalists also blogging, it's no wonder there is a rich and diverse arena of art blogs. Many bloggers come from art journalism and sometimes use their blogs to cover art and artists off the beaten path.

"Paddy Johnson," she says, "has done an amazing job of basically creating a new outlet for art media." Her stellar blog ranks high on Blog Rank's ultimate art blogs list, second only to Drawn! "I tend to like a lot of the single-authored blogs, since they tend to be more idiosyncratic." Johnson lists c-monster, Tyler Green's Modern Art Notes, John Powers' Star Wars Modern, Tom Moody and at the top of her go-to sites. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you want those words to count!

There has been much debate and coverage lately around art blogs. And when it comes to the written word, there is not a lot of wiggle room for bad writing. Debra Usher, President and Editor-In-Chief of Arabella said, "A good art blog must be informative, but should not become bogged down with factual detail." Her favourite blogs for art business news from a buyer/seller perspective are Nic Forrest's Art Market Blog and Art Biz Blog.

Blackflash Magazine editor John Shelling admits some of his favourite blogs are by artists and offers Jessica Eaton and Luke Seimens as good examples where one can often find insights into the artist's creative process and frequent project updates.

Personal blog sites have their own voice and offer up fresh works for hungry art lovers.

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The difference between a column and a blog is, "about five hundred dollars." James Fowler worked in public relations with organizations in various industries to achieve their communications goals and streamline their media messaging, monitoring and metrics.

James currently maintains a fulltime studio practice in Toronto and has taken a keen interest in social media and e Marketing.

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clue in." That said, while we all like to hear about current developments, the ephemeral nature of art openings, exhibitions, and trends can sometimes leave us feeling exhausted. It allows a writer more freedom to write about things closer to their own interest and be more creative with formatting elements, layout, writing style, and length as well as report more thoroughly and go deeper into a story.