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"After his shower, he would walk back to my room with nothing on except occasionally a towel around his neck. But eventually she became accustomed to it and just had conversations with her son. He pumped his hips into her hot hand until he spurted onto her sheets.

The tension was still there but it was easier to control. He removed her fingers and slipped quietly out of the room.

When I arrived, his mother greeted me with a handshake but held my hand longer than necessary. She was dressed in thin white slacks and a translucent white blouse, both of which clearly conveyed that she wore nothing beneath.

She invited me to sit by patting the back of the couch alongside her.

Just a couple of days after Jeff left for his new school, his mother phoned me and told me she had come across a sweater I'd left at their home.

We were open in conversation, over the phone or face-to-face.He would walk in when I was naked on his way to my shower. I asked how she reacted and she told me she pretended to ignore his nakedness and stiff cock. He picked up her limp hand and wrapped her fingers around his rigid cock.I'm sure he waited outside in the hall until he was sure I was nude and then walked in at that time. Because she was also nude, she was tense the first couple of times this happened. His sis awoke but didn't want to embarrass him by making a scene. She told her mom that she might have betrayed this charade because her hand firmly gripped his warm cock.I hadn't thought he would mention me at all since I was married.

His mother gave me a knowing grin, implying she suspected our relationship was also physical and not just friends.I lost track of time until noticing more than two hours had passed. It bounced against my face and I gasped at his 7 and a half-inch length, nearly twice the size of my husband's. I wrapped my bare legs around his waist and looked down at the narrow space between our bodies as his walnut-shaped dickhead entered my eager cavity. My head swiveled around as he entered my vagina from the rear. Near semester's end, Jeff received acceptance from an out-of-state school.

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