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The cladogram is based on one analysis of the phylogeny of the Paraneoptera by Hu Li and colleagues in 2015, using mitochondrial genome sequences and homogeneous models.

It places the Sternorrhyncha as sister clade to the Thysanoptera and the lice, making the Hemiptera as traditionally understood non-monophyletic.

Both herbivorous and predatory hemipterans inject enzymes to begin digestion extraorally (before the food is taken into the body).

These enzymes include amylase to hydrolyse starch, polygalacturonase to weaken the tough cell walls of plants, and proteinases to break down proteins.

They live in a wide variety of habitats, generally terrestrial, though some species are adapted to life in or on the surface of fresh water.

Hemipterans are hemimetabolous, with young nymphs that somewhat resemble adults.

Most hemipterans feed on plants, using their sucking and piercing mouthparts to extract plant sap.

Some are parasitic while others are predators that feed on other insects or small invertebrates.

Other insect orders with mouthparts modified into anything like the rostrum and stylets of the Hemiptera include some Phthiraptera, but for other reasons they generally are easy to recognize as non-hemipteran.

Similarly, the mouthparts of Siphonaptera, some Diptera and Thysanoptera superficially resemble the rostrum of the Hemiptera, but on closer inspection the differences are considerable.

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